Sunday, November 05, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Okay, so life a been a little busy lately. When I created this blog I had the intention of updating at least once a week. Chasing after a 7 month old and being 26 weeks pregnant has kept me pretty busy lately. We are enjoying Alyssa so much. She is such a good baby! We are a little worried about when Mallory arrives. We are so used to a happy baby who has an exact schedule and rarely deviates from it. Alyssa was a strawberry for halloween. She was so cute! Here she is with Uncle Trey. He is such a good dad! He loves her so much. It is amazing to see how much our lives have changed over the past couple of months!

Friday was my last full time day at work. I will start working from home Monday. I am so excited!

As far as legal matters we are just waiting for the evaluation process to be over then we will go back to court for a full blown trial sometime after that. We really are not sure when that will be. Just continue to pray that God's will be done. We want whatever HE believes is best for Alyssa.

Thanks for the prayers and support.