Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Papa Simpson's Farm & Playhouse Disney Live

Yesterday Alyssa's school took a field trip to Papa Simpson's Farm. We had so much fun! She took part in everything! The only thing she didn't want to do was pet the stinky pig (I didn't blame her).
Friday we went to Playhouse Disney Live. We had a great time. Our power was out all that morning from the storms so the girls & I camped out at the Ramsey's because they had power. The girls really liked watching Mickey, Little Einsteins, Winnie the Pooh, and Handy Manny.
We took the girls to Giant Candyland at our church Wed night but I forgot my camera. They had fun. They don't really understand the game yet but we would hand the cards to Mallory and she would find the color we were supposed to go to. When they finished they got to jump in the bouncer then have some pizza. My girls LOVE pizza!!!
Saturday we went to the fall festival at Temple and had a great time. Unfortunately when I went to take the first picture my batteries were dead and I didn't have a spare set! Mallory was Minnie Mouse and Alyssa was a princess. We were a little disappointed because there were no ponies this year. I dressed Mallory up as a cheerleader for her school party Thursday. Anyway, other than that we are just trying to stay well. It seems like every week for the last month someone has been sick!!!