Monday, April 26, 2010


I had my shower yesterday and got lots of great stuff!!! There was LOTS of blue!!! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful church family and group of friends in Ruston! Noah will be a well dressed little boy!!!!!

We are set to close on our house in Shreveport tomorrow so PLEASE PRAY that everything goes as planned!!!! We are SO ready to only own ONE house!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jumping, Planting, & Fishing

We had a pretty busy weekend. Trey finally got the trampoline set up Easter weekend so the girls have been spending their days jumping away! Friday we pulled out the girls pool that Uncie bought them 2 years ago! Alyssa LOVES it! She loves it so much that the minute she walks outside she runs for it - even with her clothes on! The picture of her jumping on the trampoline was after she ran & jumped in the pool fully clothed & with a diaper on! The diaper weighed about 45 pounds!!!!! Saturday Trey decided to plant some flowers in our flower beds. While we were at Lowe's I decided it would be fun to get a few vegetables to plant so the girls could watch them grow. He planted squash, zucchini, cucumbers, & tomatoes. This is our first garden so we will see how it goes. I also had him plant me a few herbs that I constantly pay way too much for at the grocery store!!! He decided to be clever with the flower bed and make an "S". Mallory LOVED helping him plant. She got SO fact I am still trying to get the dirt from under her toe nails! Sunday Trey & Jenna took the girls fishing at Lincoln Parish park. Jenna is our sitter that comes every day of the week for a couple of hours to help me with the girls. Since the surgery I haven't been able to lift more than 30 pounds and A weighs 50! She is still pretty much completely dependant on me so I needed some help. We love Jenna & she loves the girls. Trey asked Jenna to help in because of how my Alyssa loves the water. He knew it would take a person just to keep her from jumping in! Anyway, the girls caught 3 fish each & Jenna caught her first fish ever. I have the cutest video of the girls both reeling in a fish but it takes up too much memory so I can't upload them. That is why I always use slide shows to show my pictures. I can never upload more than 2 pictures. So that has been our life lately. I am almost 31 weeks and counting down the days! I am so ready to meet this little man! He is SO active in my belly I can't imagine what he will be like in person!!! My sweet Sunday School class is throwing me a shower this Sunday and I am SO excited to get some blue stuff!!! I guess that is all for now.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a fun Easter. We went to 3 Easter Egg hunts. We had one at each of the girls schools. We were able to take some pictures at Alyssa's hunt but Mallory's started early so we got there right when they finished! We did get pictures of her after the hunt. We have some friend's parents who put on a big egg hunt every year. They had a cupcake decorating station and a jumpy thing. The girls had fun hunting eggs there too. We didn't get many pictures because we were both busy helping the girls find eggs. We decided to stay in Ruston for Easter so my Dad & EC came over and had lunch with us. Trey put the girls trampoline together that weekend so the girls have had a blast jumping and playing outside every afternoon!

I am 29 weeks now so not much longer! Hopefully only 9 or 10 weeks to go!!! Noah is VERY active! I have started getting pretty bad heartburn but other than that I am feeling good.

Oh, and we are SO excited to finally have a contract on our house in Shreveport!!! Please PRAY that everything works out and we close at the end of the month as scheduled!!!!! That will be such a huge burden to get rid of!!!!!!