Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have so much to be thankful for but today I am especially thankful for Alyssa. We have all been sick with a really nasty cold all week. I had it then passed it to the girls then Trey got it. We took Mallory to the doctor in Shreveport while we were there last week because she got pink eye with hers. I am the only one who avoided fever. Maybe I had it but I was just too busy to notice? Mallory and Trey had fever Friday and Saturday and Alyssa had it Sunday. I was worried because Alyssa was around 102 and she looked so sick. We got back to Ruston around 6:30 Sunday night and at about 7:00 Alyssa had a seizure. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen. She was in her high chair taking a breathing treatment and I noticed something wasn't right with her eyes. She will sometimes just stare off into space which is what it looked like she was doing. She didn't have convulsions she just went limp. Trey grabbed her to put her in the car to take to the ER. I was putting Mallory in the car when I looked over and saw Alyssa foaming at the mouth and turning blue. I FREAKED out!!!!! Trey told me to call 911. He took her back inside to start CPR while I called 911. I then remembered my neighbor was a nurse so I ran over and asked her to come over. I couldn't go inside. All I could do was fall to my knees and pray that God heal her! I honestly thought she was going to die! I have never seen anything like that in my entire life and hope to NEVER see it again. She started breathing right as Trey was about to to CPR. Trey had just taken a CPR course last week and had to do CPR on a baby! The ambulance got there and she was fine! We took her to the ER so she could have some tests run to make sure it wasn't anything serious. It was a febrial seizure. Which is common in children when they have a fever that spikes. The crazy thing is her fever was only 101.9. She has had much higher before. Everything is okay she is running around playing like normal. The doctors said she has a 5-10% chance of it happening again. It is going to be very difficult for me not to freak out next time she has fever! We are all doing better. I am well. Mallory is still coughing and has a runny nose but the pink eye is gone. Trey is feeling better.

Monday, November 19, 2007

9 months old, Birthday and the Children's Museum

Mallory is actually 9 1/2 months old. I just got around to taking her picture this weekend. She is growing like a weed. Her front two teeth are finally coming in. The two beside the front two have already come in and it looks pretty funny. She is pulling up in her crib and on toys. She has taken a few steps holding onto the couch. She has bite marks all around her crib.

Saturday was my 29th birthday. My friend Chris made me this beautiful cake. It was wonderful! I woke up to 4 GREY HAIRS!!!!! I promise they were not there the day before!

The girls and I went to Monroe last week to have a play date at the Children's museum with Megan and her kids and Jolie and her kids. We had so much fun. We were the only people there so the kids were able to run around and do whatever they wanted. There was a baby area for Mallory and Gavin and Jolie, Kathryn, and Alyssa played all over the rest of the museum.

Mallory and Gavin played well together until Mallory just wanted to give him kisses!!

Yep - that is Mallory standing up playing.

Here is Kathryn and Alyssa playing together.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sisters think alike

Apparently it is more fun to play under the exersaucer than in it!

Mallory at 9 months

Alyssa at 10 months

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pigtails, Tubes & Standing Up

Alyssa finally has enough hair to have pigtails!!! YEAH!!!

Mallory decided to crawl in her clothes hamper while I was folding her clothes!

Mallory is standing up by herself when she has something to hold onto!!!!

Well, Alyssa had her surgery yesterday. Everything went great! The worst part was waiting on her to tinkle before we left. They finally just let us leave without her doing it because we knew she would go as soon as we got in the car - and she did! She had an ear infection going into the surgery so she still isn't 100% well but it shouldn't be long. Trey started trying to get her to talk last night! I told him it would probably take a few days!

Mallory had her 9 month checkup Tuesday. We really like the doctor. Everything was great! She is growing like a weed! When we were finished with our checkup the doctor asked about Alyssa and we explained the situation and she said she would see her since she was a sibling. We were THRILLED! We do like the clinic in Monroe but 1) it is in Monroe and 2) we have yet to see the same doctor twice. So, that was another answered prayer. I have to change everything with the medicaid office but according to the doctor it shouldn't be a problem.

Our house is still a work in progress. We went to Shreveport last weekend but stayed with some friends because we didn't want to risk Alyssa getting sick. Trey went by there and checked everything out and the mold is gone however the ceiling was still not fixed to our approval. They came back and painted the entire ceiling Tuesday and we had our carpets cleaned so this weekend we will clean up the dust and put it back on the market.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

My Little Ladybugs

We went to the fall festival at Temple last night. It was fun! We put Alyssa in a jumpy thing for the first time but she really didn't know what to do. I had to wake her up from a nap to go so she wasn't in a very good mood! I am sure she was also burning up since it was 76 when we got there and they had on fleece from head to toe!

In other news Alyssa is getting tubes put in her ears next week. She has had a constant double ear infection for the last month. She just can't get rid of them. Finally we went to an ENT and with one look in her ears we were told she needed tubes and part of her adenoids out. She has a split uvula so they can't take all of them out. The ENT was also certain that this is the reason she is not talking. Hopefully we can get her well and talking!

Mallory is doing great! She will be 9 months tomorrow. I will post a 9 month picture when we are in Shreveport. If you haven't noticed I am taking her picture each month for a year in the same chair so I can see how much she has grown. She is talking and pulling up. I don't think it will be long before she is walking.

We still haven't sold our house in Shreveport. We are having major issues! A couple of weekends ago we were there and noticed some black stuff around the vent. Trey took it off and discovered mold in our air ducts. Obviously, the heating element had a short in it so the fan on the heater was staying on and blowing hot air in in the attic against the cold air from the air conditioner. We called someone to clean it out and they fell through our ceiling in the living room. When we went home last weekend Trey checked it all out and was NOT happy. They didn't even come close to matching the paint on the ceiling and there were about 5 or 6 air ducts that still had mold in them. So they were supposed to fix it this week and we will check it out this weekend. In the meantime our house is on hold. So please pray that this will be fixed and it will sell!!!! I am about to go crazy in our tiny house in Ruston. We are surrounded by partying college kids! Last night our neighbors had a party (in their YARD) until about 1am! They did come over yesterday and warn me so I wouldn't call the police - wasn't that nice???? We have found a house we like but are scared to go ahead and buy something with the issues with our house in Shreveport. Anyway, I will let ya'll know how the surgery goes next week.