Sunday, November 23, 2008


After much anticipation, planning, and prayer my youngest brother in law is engaged!! Bryan and Christine got engaged Friday night. We are SO excited for them! We LOVE Christine and knew from the moment we met her that she would be Bryan's wife one day. I have to tell you how he proposed! He picked her up Friday evening for a nice quiet evening together. He told her to close her eyes and they headed to the chapel that they will be getting married. While they were on their way Trey was already there setting the chairs up and finding a hiding spot so he could catch it all on camera. They arrived and Bryan led her to the front of the church where there were 2 chairs set up. He sat her down then set a portable dvd player on her lap to watch a video he put together. The video consisted of several of her friends and family saying why they loved Christine. It ended with Bryan telling her why he loved her then proposed! He also bought her a Bible and inside the bible was a wedding invitation that Bryan typed telling her the date, time, and place they will be getting married. The place that she wanted to get married is obviously a very popular place so he had to book it several months ago. So, they then headed to her parents house to tell them the news. Little did Christine know that Bryan had planned a surprise engagement party for her there! There were probably 25-30 family and friends there waiting to congratulate them. She thought they were coming to Ruston Saturday so it was a total surprise to her that we were there. Then her final surprise for the night was waiting for her in her bedroom. When she opened the door her Sister (who lives in England) was there! She was SO surprised!!! Bryan flew her in Thursday! Christine hasn't seen her since last Christmas. Isn't that unbelievable! He did SO good! She was totally surprised. He did a wonderful job of keeping everything to himself. I have been helping him since the beginning but I just offered suggestions - He did it all himself! I am just so happy for them. Bryan and I have a special relationship - I couldn't love him more if he were my own Brother! Trey and I have been together since he was like 12 so I have seen him grow from a child to a wonderful Godly man! I am so excited to see what God has in store for this stage of his life! Anyway, I just had to share that great news with everyone.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First School Project

Alyssa had her first school project today. The teacher sent home this turkey and we had to disguise him. We decided to disguise him as Mickey Mouse since that is what Alyssa likes. We were really proud of our project! When I picked Alyssa up from school today they had all of them posted on the bulletin board and apparently Mickey Mouse is 3 other students favorite character!!! I still think ours was the best!!! I cut out the ears and Trey cut out the rest. It was fun.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Jungle Gym

We took the girls to The Jungle Gym in West Monroe yesterday. They had a BLAST!!! We did too! It was so much fun watching them take off and explore. We started in the jumpy thing but after about 5 minutes a boy came in and jumped right on Mallory's head and she screamed! Needless to say she wouldn't have anything else to do with that. She took off climbing up the rope ladder, through the tunnel, and down the slide. We let Alyssa jump for a while then she joined Mallory on the slide. They both loved the ball pit too! We had to get the bigger kids to gather the clothes they were shedding. One would take off her socks then the other would take out her bow. We stayed about 2 hours. At the end Alyssa decided she didn't want to slide down so after about 10 minutes of her just sitting at the top of the slide we got one of the workers to go up and slide down with her. I would have done it but she was standing right beside us!! We will DEFINITELY go back! I am thinking play dates would be great there. I could actually talk to the other Mom's and not chase after kids!!!

Friday night was First Friday night out. First Baptist provides childcare the first Friday of the month for members from 6-10:30!!! I was thinking there is no way I can leave my kids there until 10:30 because they go to bed at 8:00. Well, we got there about 9:30 (because it took us forever to eat at Olive Garden) and they were just sitting down to watch Veggie Tales and DID NOT want to leave!!! I couldn't believe it. I figured they would be fussy and tired. I have to say both Elaine and Marcie told me that would be the case but I had to see it for myself! We decided next month they may stay the whole time. I guess it will depend on their naps that day. :) We did have fun eating out with the Ramsey's (without kids) and getting to know them better!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Costume Party & Tech Homecoming

We had a blast Friday night at the costume party. There were some funny characters!!! I worked ALL afternoon Friday spray painting our boxes to make dice then cutting out the dots. We went to homecoming on Saturday. We tailgated with the "BSU old timers" before the game with the girls then dropped the kids off with Mom and went to the game. I only stayed until half time because I was MELTING in the sun. We bought tickets on the student side and the sun was brutal! We were still tired from Friday night and all went to bed early that night. The girls did okay with daylight savings time on Sunday but yesterday & today woke up at 7:00am. They usually sleep until 8 or 8:30. Luckily Trey doesn't leave for work until about 7:30 or 8 so he has been getting them up so I can sleep a little longer. I am hoping they get adjusted SOON!