Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Big Girl

So yesterday morning I woke up to Mallory crying. Most of the time she wakes up talking and playing so Trey quickly ran in to check on her. When he opened the door she was pushing her baby doll stroller around he room. She FELL out of her crib. She kept pointing to her knees so I am assuming she fell on them instead of her head. Of course you would know that we decided to wait to order the conversion kit until we needed it. Well, we need it and it takes 4-6 weeks to come in! So, we took the front off of her crib and bought a cheap bed rail from Wal-mart. It is not the sturdiest but it will work for now. I put her to bed last night thinking it was going to be an ordeal but she went straight to sleep. She didn't wake up once during the night and as soon as she woke up she started reading a book. So now my baby is sleeping in a big girl bed!!!! Now to potty training!!! Another thing she has been doing lately is putting herself in time out. Today she was in my office opening drawers she wasn't supposed to be opening. After the first time I put her in time out every time she did it after then she would put herself in the corner! What do you do with that???? She KNOWS she is doing wrong but continues to do it AND punish herself!!!!! UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Lately we have been stacking blocks then kicking them down. Jumping on our jumpy the girls got for Christmas. Check out the static in Alyssa's hair!!!! Speaking of her hair I am SERIOUSLY considering cutting bangs on her because I can't keep it out of her face. Any input???? The thought of taking her to get a haircut makes me really sad because that makes her a big girl!!!! :( The last picture is what I found yesterday when I went to check on Mallory. She had been really clingy with me lately so I have let her run around the house so I could get some stuff done. Well, I was in my office working and realized I hadn't heard her for a little while and decided to check on her. She had pulled brand new box of wipes down off of her dresser and pulled EVERY single one out! Today we decided to try peanut butter with Mallory. I wanted to wait until Trey was home just in case she had a reaction he would be here to help me. Well.....she had an allergic reaction. She broke out all over her face and she started swelling around her eyes. I was at Occupational Therapy with Alyssa so Trey rushed her to the doctors office. We just gave her benadryl and no more peanut butter for at least a year. I have been busy planning Mallory's 2nd birthday. I can't believe she will be 2 in a couple of weeks! Well, I have 3 baskets of clothes to fold so ta-ta for now!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Future Doctor?

So everyone is finally well. Alyssa had a cold the week of Christmas. Mallory got sick Sunday after Christmas so we assumed it was the same cold because I had it too. Well, we took her to the doctor to find out it was RSV then Alyssa got it Thursday. Mallory mainly ran a high fever and it affected Alyssa's breathing. We had a close call to the hospital but were able to control it from home. I guess Mallory went to the doctor too much because today while they were having their snack I looked over and Mallory had found Trey's stethoscope and was putting it up against Alyssa's back. It was SO cute!!!! I also posted a picture of Alyssa staring at my new dryer. She LOVES to look at herself through the door. Well, back to work. My next post will be products of my new obsession. All I will say is that Mom got me a monogramming machine for Christmas and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!