Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Festival

Last night was the fall festival at Temple. The girls had a great time. Alyssa LOVED the pony ride!!!! Our battery was dying so most of the pictures from that are shaky. We managed to salvage one of her! I LOVE the last picture of the girls looking at each other! The little golfer is Jake Tyler. I had to post that! It is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! Trey & I are going to a costume party tonight. Hopefully I will remember to take my pictures so I can post some pictures. Well, I better get busy making our costumes! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Princess

Alyssa got to wear a costume to school today so she was a princess. Thanks to Mimi who bought both of the girls princess costumes. I had already bought Alyssa a different costume so she was a princess at school and will be Minnie Mouse for the fall festival. Mallory couldn't wear a costume to school so it is a good thing she only has one!!!

Giant Candyland

We went to the giant candyland at FBC last night. It was fun. The girls really didn't understand the game but did understand the candy & jumpy thing. Afterwards, we went out to eat with the Tyler's - they just moved to Ruston and are fabulous!!! They are in the same boat as us trying to find a church home. Well, tonight we are going to the Temple fall festival. I will have more pictures to post soon!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Pictures

We had some fall pictures made of the girls yesterday. It took all of 20 minutes and was not quite as painful as I was expecting. It is REALLY hard to get Alyssa to smile or even look at the camera but I think she got a few good shots. Mallory is a ham! Although, she kept saying "ball" and picking up the pumpkins that were supposed to be the backdrop for the pictures. If you want to look at the rest of them you can go to click on proofs then scroll down until you see smith girls. You have to put in your e-mail address and the password is pumpkin. We are taking them to the pumpkin patch this weekend so I am sure I will have more pictures to post!!!

On another note tomorrow is Trey's last day at his current job. He has decided to do home health full time. It really is a good move because he will be able to be home more and a little more accessible to help me go to doctors appointments or just pick up the girls from MDO if I need it. He is sad to leave the people he works with but we are looking forward to the change.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Corn Dogs and Ketchup

I introduced corn dogs to the girls last night. Mallory loved it. Alyssa didn't. Alyssa does love ketchup. She likes to stick her fingers in it and lick them. I thought maybe if we dipped the corn dog in it she would like it but I was wrong. Oh, well. I'll try something else! Mallory liked dipping her corn dog in the ketchup and eating it. It was so cute we took pictures. The bottom picture is from Saturday. Tech had a game so I put the girls t-shirts on to show some support! The last one is showing how excited Alyssa gets when I sing the veggie tales theme song!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Alyssa's Fetish

As promised, here is a picture of Alyssa's fetish. She LOVES to wash her hands. About a month ago I dropped her off at MDO and she immediately went to the bathroom, climbed up on the stool, turned on the water, and washed her hands. It was AMAZING! So, the potty I bought for them (that hasn't even attempted to be used) doubles as a step stool so I put it up to the sink. If I ever need to find her I can listen for the water running. Last night she couldn't get in the bathroom with the stool, so she decided to go to the bathtub. She turned on the water and was trying to get in when I ran in there. It is crazy how quick they can get into stuff!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Shoe Fetish

I have decided that Mallory has a shoe fetish. She LOVES shoes. If she ever leaves the room we always know where to find her. Luckily, after she drags all of the shoes out she usually puts them back. Today I decided to catch her in action. She also has a thing about pulling out clothes from the dresser either trying to put them on or throwing them in the trash. I have to be careful to look in Alyssa's trashcan every time I throw something away to make sure there are no clothes in there. Alyssa is also obsessed with something but I haven't been able to catch her in action. I will post about it as soon as I have a picture.

Trey went to Kansas City this weekend to visit his friend Dylan. He had a great time! My mom came to stay with me for the weekend. We had our second MOPS meeting Friday which went great! Friday afternoon we went to Monroe to do a little shopping and eat. I got so sick while we were shopping. I have had a little sore throat all week but Friday it was bad! Every time I swallowed I was overcome with nausea from the pain. My mom had to drive us home Friday night because I didn't think I could make it! I felt better Saturday morning but went to Quick care to make sure I didn't have anything contagious. The doctor said it was allergies so then I went to croptoberfest to scrapbook for the rest of the day. The only problem was the doctor gave me a decongestant to take and I felt drunk all day. I hate that I can't take any medicine. It ALL makes me feel that way - and I don't like that way that feels!! So, I will just have to suck it up and deal with it. Luckily my Mom was here to help take care of me and the girls. She made me my favorite soup which made me feel SO much better. I did get 14 pages done in Alyssa's baby book! Trey came home yesterday. He was supposed to fly into Monroe but because his flight was delayed out of KC he missed his flight in Dallas so he flew into Shreveport instead. The girls and I were SO glad to see him!

Monday, October 06, 2008

MOPS & Petting Zoo

This weekend was our girls weekend at the MOPS convention. And when I say girls I mean girls - 5,000 to be exact! We had fun and got some great ideas. They had live performances by Go Fish (they sing children's songs), Jaci Velasquez and her husband (who is in Salvador), Plumb, and Avalon. They were all really good. My favorite was Jaci Velasquez. It was just her, her husband, and his guitar. Kim Hill was the worship leader. She was good just REALLY loud! We went to workshops to learn about different areas of mothering and being a leader of MOPS. We heard many testimonies that were unbelievable. We were staying at The Gaylord Texan which was really nice. Luckily we checked in in time to get a room with 2 queen beds. Many groups of 4 or 5 had to share a king bed. We were able to get some shopping done. Who can go to Dallas without shopping? I think my favorite part of the weekend was getting to know some of the ladies in my group better and on a more personal level. It was a good weekend but I was ready to see my kids! I couldn't wait to get home and hold them (even though it was 11:30pm).

While I was in Dallas Trey took the girls to DeRidder to visit his dad. Oh, I forgot to tell a story. We left Thursday morning at 9:30am right after we dropped the kids off at MDO. As we were leaving I just had a sick feeling in my stomach. I knew I would get over it but it was there. Well, about an hour on the road Trey called to tell me MDO called because Alyssa fell on the playground and hit her head. Trey quickly went up to the church to check her out. She fell and had a goose egg right in between her eyes. It looked HORRIBLE!!!!! It is much better now - she just mainly has a black eye. But of course that would happen the one day I am not there! Trey and the girls had fun in DeRidder. They did go the the fair and they had a petting zoo. Mallory LOVED it! She even got to feed a camel a carrot! Alyssa finally warmed up to it. Here are some pictures.