Friday, April 25, 2008


I had bunco at my house last week. I did a Luau theme. It was fun! I racked up on luau stuff from the dollar tree! Trey worked really hard on the flower beds all last week. I think everyone really enjoyed it.

Friday we headed to DeRidder for Trey's dad's surprise 60th birthday party. It was a weekend of many surprises. First, we went to eat dinner with him and while we were eating Andy & Kelly walked in the restaurant. Second, Bryan's girlfriend Christine surprised Mr. B by showing up. She didn't think she was going to make it but was able to at the last minute. Lastly, we threw him a surprise party at Ms. Melanie's house on Saturday night. He was TOTALLY surprised! There were about 20 people there. I left my camera in the van so I don't have any pictures. Chris took some so I will have to get her to e-mail them to me. The whole clan went to church with him on Sunday and Trey even played the piano for the offertory. We got to see Mr. Bubba's new house. It was great! He is doing some awesome things to it. I helped him pick out his appliances and floors. I can't wait to see it finished and all put together!

The girls are doing great. Mallory is walking all over the place. She has such a big personality. I really think she is going to be a good mix of me and Trey. Alyssa is really improving. She is making more eye contact and is talking (babbling) all of the time! She is also following some commands. She climbed up the slide and slid down it at school last week all by herself! That is MAJOR improvement! I am going to national scrapbook day tomorrow. I am SO excited. My goal is to finish Mallory's baby book. A whole day of scrapbooking with no interruptions - I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Watching TV

I walked by the playroom this morning and this is what I saw. Mallory loves to either be next to or touching Alyssa. She wants to be as close to her as possible. Note: Please ignore Alyssa's hair in her face - she will not keep a bow in while she is playing! Not much has been going on here. We have been working in our yard since Saturday. I am having bunco here tomorrow night and I am doing a Luau theme. Since we will be outside I wanted to make sure the yard looked good. Mallory is walking more. She still won't walk every time we put her down but she is doing it more now. She is a speed crawler so of course she prefers crawling!

On another note I am aggravated with TLC. I keep the tv on all day while I am working so I really just listen to it. Anyway, every afternoon home improvement shows are normally on - moving up, property ladder, and flip that house. So I am already addicted to those shows. Well, this week they have been showing 10 years younger and what not to wear instead. The problem is now I am addicted to those shows! I love them! I am amazed to see how they can transform the homeliest (not sure that is a word) looking person and turn them into a stylish knockout! So TLC is my downfall right now!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Wonderful Welcome

My bunco group presented me with this awesome house warming basket. I was TOTALLY surprised! It is wonderful. It has a wide variety of gifts. It made me feel so good to know that they thought about me! We are really settling into Ruston. Trey is still playing in Shreveport but hopefully that will stop soon. I am ready to find a church in Ruston!

We have been pretty busy around here. Trey worked in Shreveport last weekend so we packed up and spent the weekend there. Mom, me and the girls went shopping at the boardwalk Saturday. That was fun - we found some great deals! Our house still hasn't sold! It is showing a lot more but that is it!

The girls are just growing! Alyssa and talking more and more. No new words but a lot more babbling. Mallory never stops talking! She is our motor mouth. Mallory is taking 10-12 steps but once she realizes what she is doing just falls forward. It is pretty funny. I need to try to get it on video. It is like her legs just stop working. The doctor but her on some VERY expensive formula because she is having some digestive issues. Hopefully it is just for 2 weeks. I don't think she is allergic to milk! Anyway, we are going for a walk. I love my neighborhood!