Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweet Sisters

So I was walking by the playroom this evening and I couldn't believe my eyes. ALYSSA was kissing Mallory. It is ALWAYS the other way around. I just had to share the sweet pictures.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Marlon & Lindsey's Wedding

We went to Dallas this weekend for Marlon & Lindsey's wedding. Marlon and Trey grew up across the street from each other in DeRidder. Marlon is the last of the DeRidder friends to get married. Trey, Cody, and Daniel were all best men. The wedding was beautiful! Trey got to spend the weekend doing guy things while the girls and I shopped. I took them to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch on Friday and they loved it. Mallory kept pointing to the monkeys! The rehearsal dinner was at a Brazilian steakhouse. It was WONDERFUL! It was hands down the best rehearsal dinner I have ever been to! The wedding was in the atrium of an office building and it was beautiful. We brought the girls but they watched outside with Mr. Bubba. They had the most interesting food I have ever seen at the reception - it was mostly chinese type foods. It was really good. After we ate Mr. Bubba took the girls back to the hotel and put them to bed. We were able to dance and just enjoy the reception. Marlon's family was HILARIOUS to watch dancing. Especially his nieces and nephews. They took over the dance floor to some new superman song. They new every step! Bryan caught the garter (because Marlon turned around and threw it straight to him)! The next morning we went to church with Bryan and Christine. It was a great service! We had lunch at Maggiano's then hit the road home. The girls didn't sleep great in the hotel so we were glad to be home in all of our own beds. Now I have to get all of the laundry done!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Post #2

Okay, I just had to share this picture!

Still Here

We are still here. I have been SUPER busy this week. Trey has been taking care of the girls most of the nights this week. He took these pictures one night this week while they were playing outside on their new swing set. They LOVE it! It is not totally set up yet but they can still play on it.

We started a MOPS (mother's of preschoolers) group here in Ruston this year. Our first meeting was Friday. It went great. I think we had 27 people and about 10 others that signed up but couldn't make the first meeting. All of these people just heard by word of mouth too! This is going to be an awesome ministry for the mothers in our community. I am so excited to see what God has in store for us!!! If any of you readers attend a MOPS group I would love to hear some of your ideas.

The girls are doing great. They have both started Mother's Day out and are both loving it. They both have great teachers. Mallory started a week before Alyssa and of course got sick and gave it to Alyssa. Because she was sick this was Alyssa's first week. I am glad to get back in a routine.