Friday, September 23, 2011

Lately Part 2

Alyssa got a big girl hair cut. It is so cute! It makes her look so much older!

The girls started school! Alyssa started kindergarten and Mallory started Pre-K. They both go all day every day! They are both loving it. Noah missed Mallory at first but has gotten used to her not being there all of the time!

On the first day of school Trey took pictures of the girls at home before we left. I told him I wanted to go with him for their first day. (Trey takes the girls to school every morning on his way to work) Anyway, I get to A's school right as the teacher is walking her in and Trey had forgotten the camera!!!! SO I don't have any of A at school but took a few of Mal with my phone. This is a picture of Mal sitting at her desk the first day. I can't believe my girls are so big!!! Time is FLYING by!!!

Lately Part 1

Since I haven't posted since Noah's 1st birthday I guess I should do some updating!! Since June we have had a lot go on! We moved into a new house...which I don't have any pictures of right now!

Noah started Mother's Day Out twice a week. He is having a great time!

Here is a picture of Noah's favorite spot in our new house...he loves to hide under my desk!

We took the girls to Tyler over Labor Day weekend. There is an indoor waterpark and a great zoo. This is a picture of Alyssa at the zoo..of course she loved all of the animals that lived in the water!!!

Noah has decided that he will only eat with a fork or spoon...and he has to feed himself! He does a great job for a 15 month old!! He loves chick fil a ice cream!!

We are going to lots of Tech football games. Trey is taking pictures on the field the whole game so I am only taking Mallory with me. We sit with a group of friends so we have a good time! After each game the kids get to go out on the field and run around. Mal loves this part!