Friday, July 15, 2011

Noah is 1

I can't believe my baby is ONE! Noah - you are such a joy to us! You are constantly making us laugh...and run all over the place! You will not sit still!! Here are some of the things you have been doing lately:
- You eat EVERYTHING in sight. If we are eating anything you are asking us for more. You wake up asking for more!
-You weight 22 lbs and are 31 inches long.
-You are still a great least 12 hours a night and still taking 2 naps a day.
-You will drink out of a certain sippy cup but prefer your bottle. You took to milk really well! This week, you have started drinking through a straw!
-You have 9 teeth completely in and your molars are starting to come in.
-You will walk holding on but still not confidant enough to let go!! You are the fastest crawler ever! We entered you in the Peach festival diaper derby and you got to the last leg of the race and sped to the finish line then sat there and wouldn't cross it!
-You are saying mama, dada, mal mal, sissy, bye bye and hi. You are constantly talking so I know you are saying other words we just can't understand them yet!
-You will sit through a book or two at night now. You are really starting to get the idea of reading a book (instead of chewing on it).
-You are growing a head full of blond curly hair!! Oh - how I LOVE it!!! You look just like your daddy did when he was your age!!!
-You love to get into everything!! You have discovered your cabinet in the kitchen and that is the first place you go when I put you down after breakfast!

We had two little family birthday parties for you. One while we were at the beach and one the day after we got home. You loved all of the attention and eating cake of course!! We are in the process of moving so everything is really crazy around here! Pretty soon you will have lots of space to run around and play!!!