Friday, December 28, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nap Time???

How can you get upset when this is what is looking at you when you walk in the room?

If you can't tell she has crawled under her bumper.

My child is a chipmunk!

I went in to check on Mallory this morning because I could hear she was not asleep and she was under her bumper. Normally if she is awake she is standing up give me the biggest grin when I walk in the room which is what she did after I took her picture under the bumper. She is so funny! Well, we are going to the doctor AGAIN today with Alyssa. She got a runny nose Tuesday so I started giving her breathing treatments but she is still wheezing really bad. She was up all night crying because she couldn't breathe. On a better note our house is showing today. After 2 months of not showing we are excited! Please pray that it will sell!!!! While you are praying please pray for my sanity with sick kids. I am not sure how much more I can take!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Here are the pictures from our Christmas card. I couldn't get a descent one of them together. I love the expression on Mallory's face! I am so ready for everyone to be well. Alyssa still can't get rid of her ear infection. It goes from one ear to the next. Mallory finally got over her ear infection but caught a stomach bug this weekend. Alyssa had it last week. The problem with Mallory is that she will not drink pedialyte so we have to give it to her through a syringe. Poor Trey got up every hour last night to give it to her.

We are looking forward to Christmas. Bryan graduates from LSU Friday so Trey and I will be heading to Baton Rouge for the day. My mom is keeping the girls (that would be a pretty miserable trip to make in a day). Andy and Kelly will be coming in from Indiana so we are so excited to get to see them! Trey took a few days off of work next week. He has been working the past 20 days straight so we will be glad to have him home all day for several days in a row! Trey bought me a king size bed for Christmas. It is WONDERFUL! I have been begging for one for several years and he had a few sleepless nights so he decided we needed one. I have to say it is the best present I have had so far!!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Is this normal?

Alyssa REALLY enjoys the TV. I only let her watch a few shows but she really likes them. This was her watching the Baby Einsteins sign language video. She is in her high chair because she had just finished lunch. Do any of your kids get this excited over TV? Sorry it is sideways - it took WAY too long to download to fix it!!!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The good, the bad and the ugly

Well, the good news is the girls are getting better. We have been to the doctor 4 times so far with Mallory and 2 times with Alyssa. The bad news is they both have ear infections. The doctor prescribed Alyssa an antibiotic and she is doing much better. Mallory on the other hand is not cooperating too well. The doctor prescribed her an antibiotic last Thursday and she did okay the first day but starting Friday she vomited every time we gave her medicine. We tried every way possible to hide it but she is no dummy! She was also running fever so we were trying to give her motrin too. The ugly was by Sunday she was vomiting ALL day! She couldn't keep anything down. The uglier is she is having to have three shots of antibiotic. Maybe they will get to go back to MDO before it ends at the end of this month! I will leave you with a picture of Mallory at 10 months.