Saturday, March 06, 2010


We had a joint party for the girls last weekend. I decided that since their birthday's were so close it would just be easier! We had it at a new place in Ruston called Party Galaxy. They have one HUGE jumper that has about 5 different activities in it and then one smaller one for smaller kids. The kids had a blast! We played music and they jumped. Mallory was totally cutting a rug at one point (I think she learned her moves from Sid the Science Kid)!!!

The girls had their well visits this week and both are growing like weeds! Alyssa is still in the 98th percentile and is off the charts in height. Mallory is in the 50th percentile now....big improvement from the 10th she has always been!!! Noah is growing just as fast. He moves ALL of the time! I can't believe I will be in my 3rd trimeter at my next doctor's appointment! Time is FLYING by!!!

Last weekend was also Kool Kids. Kool Kids is a children's consignment sale we have twice a year here in Ruston. I totally racked up! I was able to find bedding for Noah and a TON of outfits! We found a twin bed for Alyssa (since we moved her to the playroom) and matresses. That was the only thing I found for the girls. They really didn't need much. I also made some money!!! I sold all of the girls summer 0-24month clothes, Mal's bedding, and the stroller & carseat we bought when we first got Alyssa. I really did well!!! We changed the girls rooms all around while we had Bryan here to help too! Mallory now has a big girl bed & Alyssa's old dresser and we moved all of her furniture into Alyssa's room for Noah. Alyssa is now in the playroom. We decided to do that since she spends most of her time in there anyway! I will have to post pics when we get everything finished. I really like the bedding I found for Noah. It has airplanes on it. Trey has always been fascinated with airplanes so I thought it would be perfect. We tried to find golf bedding but just couldn't! That was the only sports theme I would agree to! I mean, I know he is a boy but he is also a baby! Hopefully my LAST baby so I still want it to look like a nursery. He can have sports theme when he gets older!!! Anyway, I will post pics when we have everything put together.