Monday, September 28, 2009

Day with Daddy

Mallory spent the day Saturday with Daddy. My mom came over and we went shopping with Alyssa. I knew we would be gone all day and even though one of Mallory's favorite phrases is "I want to go shopping" I knew she would not make it through the day! Trey decided to take Mallory to Lincoln Parish Park. They packed a picnic lunch and picked up some bread to feed the ducks. Mallory had a blast! They had fun eating and the ducks actually ate out of her hand! Trey said they were walking by a birthday party and Mal through a HUGE fit because she wanted one of the balloons!!!! Trey said as they were walking away a little boy ran up to them and gave her one of the balloons. After that they met up with the Rhodes' and flew a kite. Then they went and fed the fish. She had a great time! She told me ALL about it when I got home! Alyssa was the perfect shopper. She did not cry or complain once!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Go Dawgs!!

Yesterday was the first Tech home game. Since it rained most of the morning I decided not to go with the girls but we went out for lunch so I put the girls in their cheerleading uniforms. Life is busy here! Both girls are in school which is nice. They surprise me daily with the things they are learning!!!

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Mallory started gymnastic Tuesday. She did GREAT! She wanted me to hold her at first but she soon warmed up to the teacher and followed instructions pretty well! The month of August was really busy so that it why I didn't have any posts. We started off the month by going to San Antonio with the Ramsey's. We shopped, golfed, ate, and went to Schlitterbahn. We had a blast! We got home on Monday then I left Thursday to go to the beach with some friends. All girls and no kids - it was great! We stayed on the beach (or at the pool) ALL day! I downloaded pictures this morning and saw that Trey taught Mallory how to play the wii while I was at the beach. I had to include a picture of that! Then the last few weeks we have been getting everybody ready to start school. Alyssa has been back in school for a couple of weeks and Mallory starts next week. We are looking forward to the weekend because Bryan, Christine, and Mr. B are coming to visit. We decided to go and buy a bed for the playroom so visitors actually had somewhere to sleep! I guess that is all for now - I will try to be better at posting!