Friday, August 27, 2010

First Day of School

Alyssa started preschool today. They built a new school so everything will be new to her! The boys started yesterday and the girls started today. There are only 2 girls in her class and the other girl had a dr appt so Alyssa will be the only one there all day. Hopefully, that will help her get used to the new environment before the other kids get there! More posts to come!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Noah is 2 Months Old!

Noah is 2 months old! My how time is flying by!!! We have had many firsts this past month and I have more pictures to post but those will come later. Here is what you are doing now:

-You are smiling more. When you are awake and not hungry or dirty you are smiling. I LOVE your sweet smile!!!
-You are cooing. Most of the time when we talk to you, you will talk back!
-You are eating ALOT more! So much more that you are taking a bottle every other feeding. In fact, sometimes I have to give you a bottle after you nurse because you are still hungry!
-You weigh 11 lbs 3 ozs and are 24 inches long. You are 50th percentile in weight and 90th in height.
-You went to the nursery for the first time this week during church. You were actually 9 weeks old.
-You had your first road trip last weekend. We went to Dallas to see Auntie & Uncie and also had your first trip to the zoo!!!
-You are sleeping through the night! You started sleeping from about 9-7 when you were 8 weeks old.
-You LOVE your bath. You take a bath every night right before bed and you absolutely love it!

That is all I can think of right now but I am sure there is so much more!!! We love you so much and are enjoying every moment with you!