Friday, August 22, 2008

Sweet Sisters

Okay, so I had to share this story real quick. Alyssa has been having asthma issues this week so we have been giving her breathing treatments. Our routine is to sit at her table with a little people flap book and give her the breathing treatment. Alyssa has to have everything EXACTLY the same or she will totally freak out and not do it. She gets the treatments before breakfast, after lunch, after nap and before or during bedtime. Mallory is usually in her highchair eating and watching us. So, yesterday we were waiting on Trey to get home before dinner and I decided to go ahead and give her the treatment. Mallory was running around the house and I sat Alyssa at her table. I had to run back to her room to grab something and when I walked back in the room I saw the sweetest thing. Mallory had picked up the mask for the breathing machine and was holding it up to Alyssa's face and the crazy thing was Alyssa was letting her!!! It was so sweet. It was also so fast that I didn't get a picture. After that Mallory ran off and came back with her Little People flap book and sat at the table with Alyssa with her book. I love my girls!!!!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Big Girl!

The girls are growing up so fast. There are certain things you are ready for them to do but are hit with the realization that when they do it they are growing up! I fixed myself a smoothie for lunch and Mallory threw me the more sign. I gave her some of mine but decided I was not going to stand there while she sipped from my straw. We had a kid cup from Chili's so I filled it with smoothie and she drank away. This is her first time to drink from a regular cup by herself! Oh, I also have a question. When your child starts taking off her diaper and playing with her poop is it time to start potty training????????

Monday, August 04, 2008

Destin 2008

We had a wonderful time in Destin. They guys golfed and fished and the girls shopped and laid by the pool and on the beach. The girls loved the pool and the sand but weren't too crazy about the ocean. I didn't venture out too far because there were a ton of jelly fish. Trey & Scott both got stung! Our house was wonderful. It was a short walk from the beach and the outlet mall was right across the street. We ate well! We really enjoyed being with the entire family. We will definately go back.