Friday, June 10, 2011

Mallory's First Dance Recital & Noah's First Day of MDO

Last Saturday night was Mal's first dance recital. It was so much fun!!! The program was amazing!!! The theme was The Little Mermaid. Mallory was a sea horse for her ballet routine and a hula girl for her tap routine. I must say the hula routine was my favorite of the whole show and not just because my child was in it! I was a little concerned because Thursday night at rehearsal Mal fell out of her folding chair and hit her eye. It was borderline needing stitches!!! It was swollen and blue. By Sat night the swelling had pretty much gone down and I just put dark eyeshadow on the other eye to match. She loved getting makeup put on!!! She really did great during her performances. She did most all of the dance moves! I wasn't sure if we were going to do dance again next year because she also does gymnastics and is very good at it but she quickly let us know she wanted to do dance again! While it was crazy it was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again!!!
Saturday morning was Parker's 2nd birthday at Gymboree in Shreveport. The kids had a blast!
Tuesday was Noah's first day at MDO. He did great! He didn't sleep very long but I didn't expect it. He will not sleep at church so I didn't think he would there either. He did however get sick!!!!! He woke up yesterday with a runny nose!!!:( This is lovely since we are leaving tomorrow morning to go to the beach for a week!!! He doesn't seem to feel bad just has a runny nose so hopefully it will clear up quickly. I should have known going somewhere he has never been picking up new germs would make him sick but it didn't even cross my mind!!!! I CAN"T BELIEVE MY BABY WILL BE ONE NEXT SATURDAY!!!!! Did you hear that??? Yes, I was yelling!!!! We will celebrate with a party with the Smith clan before we leave from the beach, travel back on his birthday, then the next day have a party with my family! He had his first taste of cake last weekend at Parker's birthday party so he is ready!!! He has decided that since he has tasted real food he no longer wants anything to do with baby food!!! This dude can eat!!! As soon as he finishes a bite he is asking for more!!! Well, I better go start packing for 4 of us!! I am DREADING this part!!!

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