Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Noah is 11 Months Old!!!

Where have the last 11 months gone?!? I can't believe we are just one month away from you being ONE!!! You are so much fun!! We just eat up every minute with you!! It is very hard to do the monthly pictures now because you will not be still! You were just wanting to play patty cake during this picture! Here are some of the things you have been doing this past month:
-You are growing lots of hair! I just LOVE it! It is blond and curly (just like your daddy's was when he was your age).
-You will drink from a sippy cup. You will drink your formula...still not too crazy about juice.
-You are signing more, milk, and all done.
-You LOVE to eat! As soon as you finish your milk you are signing more. We have slowly been introducing solid foods...your favorite so far is watermelon!
-You will walk holding onto something or someone.
-You love for us to sing "If your happy and you know it". You have learned the song and know when to clap when you are supposed to!
-You are still a great sleeper!
-You are a super fast speed crawler....we can't keep up with you. Your favorite game right now and playing chase. I love to hear your sweet giggles!!!
-You are finding things funny. Just about anything Mallory does makes you laugh!
-You are not too crazy about us reading to you...when I start reading you start turning the page!
-You have moved to a convertible seat. You probably could have fit in the infant carrier another month but you figured out a way to pull the foam out from under the car seat!!! We can't have you eating foam!!!
-You love just melts my heart to walk into your room and see your huge smile and you reaching your hands out for me to pick you up. Now as soon as I pick you up from your crib you give me the biggest hug! :)
-You went to your first of many t-ball games this really enjoy it. You love watching everyone and clapping when we all clap.
-Mrs. Glover from the church nursery told us you brought such joy to her. That made me feel so good to hear her say that because that is exactly how we feel. You definitely keep them on their toes!!!

There is so much more but it is hard to keep track of everything! We love you so much and are enjoying every minute with you!!! You are starting MDO one day a week in June. I hope you do well being away from me for that long. You love people so much I am sure you will do great!

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