Monday, May 09, 2011

Easter/Beach 2011

Trey, Mallory & I spent Easter weekend in Orange Beach, AL. We had a blast!! Trey & I were going to go by ourselves but our friends we were going with were bringing their little boy so we decided last minute to bring Mal. I am glad we did because they had a blast playing together. They kept each other busy. Mallory was not too crazy about the ocean but she liked the sand and the pool. We went to the pool (water park) at the wharf one afternoon and had a blast. We even went to an egg hunt at The Hangout in Gulf Shores on Easter. The weather was perfect! There are also pictures of Mallory's egg hunt at school. We also went to and egg hunt in the park the weekend before but forgot to bring the camera!!! We are going to Destin with the whole Smith family in June so A & N will get their chance to play in the sand & ocean then. Life is so busy right now. School is winding down and summer activities are beginning. T-ball games, swimming lessons, dance recitals, gymnastics...busy,busy,busy!

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