Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Noah is 10 months old!

This was the first time you pulled up...it was on the gate. We caught you before it fell.

I can't believe 10 months have already gone by!!! You are growing so fast! Here is what you have been up to this month:
- You are crawling EVERYWHERE! I can't keep up with you!
- You are pulling up and cruising. You pull up on everything. When you pull up on the couch sometimes you will cruise down the side of it to get to something you want.
- You are clapping. I love watching you do this. You get the biggest grin on your face when you are clapping!
- You love to roll a ball. If I roll you a ball you immediately roll it back to me.
- You talk NON STOP!!! In fact, you are sometimes moved up to the older class in the nursery at church because you are talking so much that the babies can't sleep!!
You say mama, dada, baba, no no, and bye bye. You shake your head when you say no no and you wave your hand to say hi and bye.
- You had your first surgery this month. Last week you had tubes put in your ears. You did great!!!
- Still sleeping great! You take 2 good naps a day then sleep from 7-7:30 or 8:00 every day.
- You are such a people person! You LOVE being around people.
- Your 12 month rompers are starting to get a little tight on you...I have a feeling by the time summer comes you will be in 18 month clothes.
- You are a thumb sucker! I think it is the most precious thing...you only do it when you are tired or when you get really upset(which is usually because you are tired).

There are many more things you have done but I can't keep track!!! We are loving every minute with you. You are so easy going!

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